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Media Consent and Security Notice 2021-2022

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Media Consent and Security Notice

Community Access Cablevision, Photographs, Videotaping, Interview Comments, and Posting on the Internet

Occasionally, the school may use the name, photograph(s), video recording, and/or interview comments of students for educational and promotional purposes, including news articles and brochures. As part of each school’s parent/community informational program, a school may wish to place students’ pictures and/or names on the Internet or the school’s web page. All photography, video recording, student comments, and posting on the Internet is done by legitimate news media personnel or School personnel. In order to use such material, parental consent is necessary for any student under 18 years of age.

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Movie Release

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I understand that these pictures may be used for educational, public interest, or informational purposes through media of radio, television, newspaper, or film.

Security Cameras

ASA Charter School is committed to providing a safe and secure school for all of our pupils and staff, we regularly video record during the school day, after hours and on weekends. To effectuate the School’s goals to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, and to protect school property, the School has installed digital security camera systems on our school site. The system does not monitor classrooms, except those located in the computer lab. Security cameras concentrate on entry and exit areas, hallways, library, cafeteria, playgrounds, parking lots and other areas of the school that are subject to damage, graffiti or the unauthorized entry of persons or groups. We are working closely with local law enforcement agencies to assist us. All cameras are being installed in easily seen locations and there are no “hidden” cameras. Only authorized site administrators, security and law enforcement personnel have access to the camera images

Unlike the above media policies, there is no opt out policy for security camera recording.  I understand that the surveillance cameras are used to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff and to protect school property.

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