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*Latest Update* 04/02/2020
To all our ASA families and friends,
We have now received a directive from the State that schools will not reopen this school year. This is not good news for any of us but it is very necessary. ASA will continue to do the best job we can regarding Distance Learning for our students and our teachers will be reaching out to you via phone or social media apps. to communicate and see how you are doing with this situation. As you know we have had our teacher web pages up and running for a while now and please if you are speaking with other parents, share this information. Our ability to reach most of you through our all-call technology has been wonderful, however, we are seeing that a few parents have not updated their current contact information with us and that some people have blocked the all-call number. Please make sure you correct this situation and help us reach you all in a timely manner. Stay safe and let your student know that we are thinking of them and look forward to seeing them all again in the not too distant future!

Best Wishes,

Sue Lucey
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