Welcome to ASA Charter School!

**Latest Update** 3/30/2020
Hello to all our ASA Families!
We hope you all are staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis. This is our latest update. ASA Charter School will resume serving Grab & Go meals on Monday, April 6th from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. We will be serving the meals from our parking lot located on E street. All students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We will continue to provide meals through the schools closure until May 1, 2020. If you have any questions regarding your students work, please reach out to their teacher, through their teacher’s web page, or other means that you have been using. We will send additional notifications on any updates we receive. This will eventually all be over, and we need to continue to move forward with a positive attitude, and look to a new year ahead. Keep your heads up, and we will get through this together.
Thank you.
Susan Lucey
**Update** 03/27/2020
Hello to all our ASA Families!
I wanted to give you an update as to any new information I have received in the past few days. After a teleconference yesterday with all the other Charter leaders in San Bernardino it appears that we will not be opening the schools until at least May 1st. It honestly could be longer than that, but at this time that seems to be the goal. ASA will begin to serve lunches again beginning April 6th and at that time we may have some packets of work ready for you to pick up! However, most of what the teachers are preparing for the students will be on their web pages. One last thing for now, and I'm sure many of you are not even thinking this far ahead, but we will be starting to enroll our students for next year. This will eventually all be over and we need to move forward with a positive attitude and look to a new year ahead. I will notify you soon as to how we will make this happen. Keep yours heads up and we will get through this together. Again if you need anything please get in touch.Thinking of you all at this time and praying for a good outcome for all of us!
Sue Lucey
To all our ASA Family members:
Most importantly, I want to send my best wishes to you all that you are safe and well! This update is to keep you informed as to what is happening regarding work being posted to our teacher's web pages, and the continuation of the Grab & Go lunch and breakfast program.
1. Distant Learning
Our teachers sent home work for the past week and we were certainly ahead of other schools in this area. Normally we wouldn't have sent home too much work for Spring Break other than encouraging our students to continue to read and to work on preparation for the State Tests, which have now been postponed. Here is a direct link to your child's teacher's webpage www.asacharterschool.com/apps/staff/ for you to access the teacher's pages and their emails are on there too if you'd like to contact them. Some teachers use apps. and you are able to stay in touch with them that way. Please understand that nothing we do replaces our students being in the classroom everyday receiving direct instruction from highly qualified teachers! What we can and will strive to do is give you direction and work so they don't forget what they were learning. It hopefully will keep them occupied and focused on learning. Set aside 1-2 hours a day as school time and break it up into reading time, math time, science and social studies (history) time. If you can organize it this way it will help you and them to focus.
2. Lunch Program
We will resume our Grab & Go lunch program on April 6th. If anyone has any emergency needs please contact us and we will try to help. I have heard that a number of fast food restaurants are giving free lunch daily to school age kids. Take advantage of that if you can.
Finally, I am asking everyone to not only be good to our students but to take the time to check on our elderly. They need our help too.
Check back often to find any new posts we have made. Know that we care and will be here for you and if we don't have what you need we will help you find out who does! ASA STRONG!!
Sue Lucey
This is an important message from ASA Charter School, Principal, Mrs. Susan Lucey.
At 7:10 p.m. yesterday, Governor Newsom ordered all California residents to stay home effective immediately. ASA Charter School has been ordered to stop serving meals to students beginning Friday, March 20. All ASA Charter School employees, except for Security, are to remain home until further notice. ASA Charter School is providing independent learning and enrichment opportunities for all ASA students through our school website. For additional instructions, please refer to your child’s teacher’s webpage, direct link at www.asacharterschool.com/apps/staff/
We will continue to update our families through the school website, facebook page, and robo-call, regarding any new developments, and changes in the coming weeks. We are also proud to announce, that we will continue to employ and pay our staff, during these trying times.
We hope you and your families are safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you soon.
ASA Charter School Families, this is a message from Principal Mrs. Susan Lucey.
In response to the public health crisis created by the coronavirus, we have decided to close ASA Charter School beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020. School will remain closed through spring break and resume on Monday, April 6th, 2020.
Students will be provided with homework for the upcoming week, with additional information available on our school website. During our closure, we will offer a grab and go lunch, from the parking lot to ensure that our students still receive a nutritious meal, from 11AM to 1PM.
Students must have a parent or guardian with them to receive their take home meal. This lunch program will be offered beginning on Monday, March 16th and ending on March 20th, 2020. We will notify you by phone of any additional changes needed to address this situation and appreciate your support in this decision.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all after spring break.
Grab and Go Meals
Week of March 16 - 20, 2020
11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
E Street, Parking Lot
Thank you for visiting our school! We are Now Enrolling K-12 grades, for more information click on Enrollment or call the school office. If you are interested in volunteering in our school please give us a call or come by the school office. Please check back often as updates are made, and click on events headlines to view full stories where applicable.