Mr. F's Class


Hello Parents!

   I hope you are all safe and doing well.
Some ideas for extracurricular learning include:
Jack Hartmann has many educational videos on You Tube that often include physical activity.
1. Reading - Think Central Assignments
     a. Read any books your child enjoys! Read them multiple times! The repetition helps them connect with new words. 
     b. has many great books being read by celebrities!
2. Writing - Journal Write!
Have your child write sentences about how they are feeling, what they enjoy doing, what they know, and keep expanding themes based on their interests. Tell them to remember capital letter at the beginning, spaces between words, and period (or other punctuation) at the end. Begin with 2 word sentences, subject first(noun) followed by an action word(verb). Example, Cats play.  Then help them slowly grow their sentences. Students can then draw and color a picture to match their sentence. Please have students draw the picture in pencil, then color the picture with crayons, colored pencils, or paint.
3. Math - Think Central Assignments
     a. Encourage counting and recognizing numbers 0 - 30.
     b. Practice adding and subtracting.
4. Moby Max -
Practice using any of the modules. It is recommended to have at least 30 minutes per day. 
5. Art - You Tube - Art for Kids Hub
     Please follow an art tutorial based on your interests, then do a journal write.
6. Virtual Field Trips - You Tube
7. Educational Computer Games is a wonderful resource for your student! 
    Other educational websites include:
  • commoncoresheets (printable pages)
  • Funbrain
  • Math Playground
  • Splash Learn
  • Khan Academy
  • Nat Geo Kids
  • Smithsonian for kids
  • PBS kids
  • ABCya
  • Readworks
  • Schoolastics
  • BrainPop
7. Physical Education Resources
  • Cosmic Yoga Youtube Channel
  • GoNoodle | Get MovingYoutube Channel


  • Cosmics Kids Youtube Channel


  • Headspace Mindfulness for your everyday


  • Move 2 Learn M2L


  • Shape America

8. Shadow Art Project
If you have sidewalk chalk or something similar please have your child strike a pose as an adult outlines the child's shadow. Then the child can decorate the art project as they see fit. Next, please have the child write a journal write based on their experience.
9. Earth Project
  • Please go to YouTube
  • Search Art for Kids Hub / How to Draw the Earth as a Heart and/or How to draw Earth (For Young Artists) 
  • Follow the Tutorial
  • Finish with a Journal Write
I will continue to update with more resources.
Thank you!!